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PR For Chefs: A Quick Guide

Working with chefs is exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing, but difficult as they have a profession that requires long hours in the kitchen…not on the computer. Restaurant PR Agencies work with short deadlines and often present opportunities last minute. This makes it challenging on both ends of the spectrum. We’re going to talk about ways chefs and publicists can work together in harmony and be successful!
First off, why do chefs need Restaurant PR? To run a successful business, a long-term marketing strategy should be put in place and part of that strategy is yes, you guessed it, Public Relations. As Veteran Restaurant Publicist, we help build your brand over time and maintain buzz to keep you relevant with consumers and most importantly, the media. We like to think that Chicago’s Best Restaurant PR Agency and a big part of this is the fact that we tie our success to you success. We work as an extension of your team. But sometimes it’s more than that…a bigger picture if you will and that’s something a Restaurant Publicist can help you determine.
The Best Restaurant Publicists should make your life easier by facilitating media opportunities, managing promotions, assisting with program development, brainstorming, gathering and providing information for requests, etc. But, every chef is different and it depends on the level of which you need help that determines the publicists role. For example, some chefs only want media attention, yet others want their publicist to be involved more in the day-to-day. Make that determination early and your Restaurant Public Relations Agency will work that into the scope.
PR is a marathon, not a race. It takes time to create newsworthy angles and pitch media across the country. Just imagine a feature story in Bon Appetit. The editor receives pitches from chefs/publicists around the world who want to be featured. And they only have 12 issues per year. So it’s going to take a lot of time, patience and work to convince them that YOU should be featured and why. It’s difficult, but not impossible.
Here are a few quick tips:
  • A team effort: A publicist can bring the opportunity, but it’s your job to make a good impression and make the media want to come back for more.
  • Have a “point person” for your publicist; someone who can gather & provide information in a timely fashion if you can’t
  • Know Their Worth…monthly retainers for PR can range from $2K-$10K+ depending on scope and number of restaurants under your belt. This is an investment for your business.
  • Photos are VERY important and since we’re pitching food, visuals are essential so chefs need to invest in high-resolution photos
  • Working with a Restaurant PR Agency takes time. Chefs need to invest the time and energy to send them the information and keep them updated.
  • Communication is KEY…no one knows your craft better than you do, so they will be looking to chefs for the information or as they call it, ammunition to do their job effectively.
Overall, this is a close working relationship and the chef has to have the time to devote to it. You truly get what you put in and if publicists don’t have the information they need to position you to the media, they won’t be successful.

Introduction to Bettie Bomb

Founded in 2005, Bettie Bomb is a Top Chicago Restaurant Public Relations Agency, offering a suite of services from trusted industry partners under one creative umbrella. PR, Marketing, Social Media and beyond…we work as an extension of your team, creating personalized campaigns, building awareness and telling your story when it matters most.
We are a Female-Owned Restaurant PR Agency specializing in all things lifestyle: food, fashion, hospitality, retail, health & wellness, medical, consumer and philanthropy. Partners Rebecca Kussmann & Laura Collins work closely with businesses & organizations to target key audiences and generate exposure all under the Bettie Bomb umbrella. Work one-on-one or have us build a team. We can be BIG and we can be small…that’s the beauty of it. Small, but mighty with the ability to grow. That’s us in a nutshell.
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