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Top 5 PR Strategies for Nonprofits

How PR Can Help Nonprofits  As one of The Best Nonprofit PR Firms in Chicago, Bettie Bomb supports non-profit organizations in their overall mission by spotlighting top fundraising efforts for their cause. Charity event assistance is key - not only maximizing exposure for ticket sales, but generating sponsorships, auction items and donations are all crucial elements to the overall mission and fundraising initiatives. Spotlighting your cause is paramount and we focus on targeting multiple platforms to raise as much awareness as possible. Event Publicity When it comes to events, PR is an integral part to its success because it builds buzz, identifies and invites your target audience, plus spreads the word across multiple platforms. Your Nonprofit PR Agency takes your planning efforts to the next level by giving clients ground support, planning assistance and a strategic communication process. Events need to raise money and sell tickets..spotlighting your event, cause and business leading up to it with pre-event coverage helps to do both.  Sponsor Outreach A large part of events, especially in the philanthropic space, are sponsors. These high-dollar sponsorships are how the event is able to be executed and charities work all year trying to secure their sponsors for each event. Media coverage, especially post-coverage showcasing the event and the people who attended helps in securing sponsorships for the following year. They use this information and press clips as part of their sponsorship packages, which positively positions their event to potential sponsors. It shows these targeted businesses and corporations of the possible exposure they could receive at the event if they sign on as a top sponsor. Highlighting Personal Stories & Good Work PR Agencies Help Charities by using personal profiles and stories that are compelling and engage the audience. For example, for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago and their annual St. Nicholas Ball in December, the money raised funds all of the children’s programs through the organization. We used the Director of the Children’s Program’s to be our speaker along with a few families that have benefited from being a part of this program. Media want consistent, positive, feel good stories about what people are doing in their community to help others and we work on messaging to make sure all of the good work is heralded throughout the local and national landscape. Create Compelling Assets Another great way is to create assets like photos and videos to support. They created a beautiful video showcasing some...

How PR Can Help You Launch a Restaurant

What is Restaurant PR Public Relations For Restaurants involves storytelling, building awareness and shaping a brand’s image through different forms of communication. Basically, an overall method of strategizing the spread of information to the public through traditional & social media, partnerships, events and more. Publicists connect with the ultimate gatekeepers, the media, to target audiences across the globe and craft newsworthy story angles to convey messages in the best possible light.  Simply put, it’s communicating your message to an audience. It’s how you tell your story, where you tell it and to whom. Storytelling can be done in a variety of different ways and on multiple platforms, but using a strategy to determine which methods work for your target audience is key. Leveraging media channels such as TV, radio and print to promote and create a “word-of-mouth referral” is paramount - it cultivates a positive public image and gives instant brand recognition and credibility. It’s also the hardest to obtain - Restaurant Public Relations Agencies use their relationships with the media to tell your story and secure coverage for free, known as “earned media.” There are also two additional forms of media, but we’ll get to that in a second.  To secure earned media, PR Agencies That Work With Restaurants help journalists by giving them the tools they need to create relevant stories that pertain to their readers, viewers and listeners. It’s their job to maintain a client’s exposure by creating new, different and interesting ways to tell their story. How do you want the public to see your brand or business? What are you doing to support your community? Are you an expert in your field? These are all questions a publicist will ask when creating a narrative that positions you as a leader to the media.  Now more than ever, PR is pertinent when it comes to launching a restaurant and timing is everything!  How PR Can Help Restaurants?  The main need of restaurants is “more butts in seats.” But how do we do that? Is it internal, meaning what the restaurant needs to do with expanding it’s menu choices, creating a better experience, offering more engaging events, changing it’s hours, etc? Or is it external, which is PR, marketing, social media, positioning to support what they are already doing internally? It’s both actually…we work with restaurants to create programming that not only resonates with the guests but that generates media interest. We also...

5 Productivity Tips for PR Professionals

In a fast-paced, ever-changing industry such as Public Relations and Marketing, you need to make everyday count. Productivity is key and staying organized is one of the top ways to do so. If you’re juggling a family, it’s even more important to be as organized as possible as you can easily lose your train of thought! Below we’ll discuss some of the Best Productivity Tips For PR Professionals to help you not just be productive, but stay productive. Personally, this has been a constant struggle since I started over 15 years ago, trying to find what works and what doesn’t. That being said, someone gave me a piece of advice when I first started. They said: “Marketing is never done. You can always do more, so know when to call it day and start fresh the next.”  I was so overwhelmed with clients and things I needed to do for them, that I was staying late at the office every night. This is no way to live. So find a strategy that works for you and know when to call it a day and start fresh the next morning.  Tip #1: Lists Ah, lists...